The World of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a convenient tool that people all around have become incredibly familiar with. The online encyclopedia is a massive source of information that can be used for anything from research for a paper to looking up a favorite actor in a television show. The site gives people everywhere a perfect source of knowledge in an age where everything is going digital. Even with all the good Wikipedia brings, one girl found a flaw that needed to be fixed. She noticed that women were not being given the same types of entries as men, and many important women were left out entirely. Through her effort and dedication the site has branched out and is headed in a much better direction.

In a recent article Emily Temple-Wood shared her thoughts and ideas on how she is helping with the evolution of Wikipedia. (Original article can be found here) Temple-Wood began editing for Wikipedia when she was just twelve years old. She received many inappropriate and sexist comments by users who hopefully did not realize her age. Instead of discouraging her or turning her away for the site, these comments drove her to improve it. For every abusive comment she receives in reference to her gender, Temple-Wood adds a new page for a female scientist. Her efforts did not go unnoticed and is now known as the WikiProject Women Scientists. It has become so popular that the project itself has its own page. Thanks to this young woman many are getting the recognition that they deserve.

Wikipedia is making great strides in the digital world. New pages are being added everyday in an attempt to give people easier access to large sources of information. Businesses and individuals alike are hiring Wiki writers to create, monitor and update Wiki pages for them. Turning to the professionals from a Wiki writing service has nothing but benefits. These Wikipedia editors for hire know exactly how Wikipedia works and how to make a Wiki page anyone would be proud of. All the information listed on Get Your Wiki will describe the process of how a new page is created. If you want your page to be the best, go with hiring Wiki experts.

The online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia has been gaining popularity since the day it was first introduced to the internet. The site can offers an immense amount of information and can give other a voice of their own. Wikipedia seems to be the place to go to find the answer to almost any question.